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AGS Recognizes Three of its Members for their Service to the Society

AGS has been the beneficiary of generous donations by the members. By far, the most valuable donation we can receive from our members is their TIME. The time required to operate the society, manage its financial affairs, select scholarship recipients, prepare newsletters, and organize meetings, field trips and symposia is immense. In short, the Society would cease to exist without these generous donations of time by the members.

At the December 2014 meeting , the Arizona Geological Society awarded three members  a Honorary Life Membership for their extraordinary contributions to the Society.   Each of the honorees has donated the equivalent of at least a couple of years of full-time work to the Society.  

The first Honorary Life Membership was awarded to one of the unsung heroes of AGS, Kevin Horstman – a 25-year member and behind-the-scenes volunteer who has selflessly assisted in numerous capacities – most of which weren’t glamorous, but which helped AGS events to function efficiently.  He served on dozens of field trips as a driver (and ad hoc tour guide with deep knowledge of Arizona’s history and geology), has prepared AGS directory covers, field trip maps and guidebook components, been a late-night compiler for several guidebooks, and is someone who has helped ensure the comfort of others by providing logistical support to numerous field trip leaders. He made countless trips to the AGS storage room to collect books to sell at the dinner meetings and to help perform the necessary, but admittedly tedious annual inventories. He served as AGS President in 2009 and Past-President in 2010 and has been on the Publications Committee since this time.

Archiving of AGS publications in the past few years is probably the single most important factor in raising AGS’s profile in the world. This honoree has spent countless hours digitizing to a better-than-original condition more than 100 AGS publications including 22 Digests and 80 Guidebooks. He  prepared the digital publications in a high-resolution, high-quality OCR format for download from the AGS website. This has revived formerly out-of-print works and made our excellent publications available to a wider audience. His exceptional service is fulfilling AGS’s mission to promote interest in the geology of Arizona. Many of our publications were not easily acquired previously and, frequently provide insights about locales that are no longer accessible or are not easily accessible to the geologic community.

Kevin Horstman and Ann Pattison

The second Honorary Life Membership was awarded to Ann Pattison, who has been tireless in her participation, holding almost every office and committee assignment in the Society over the past 23 years!   She served as VP of Programs in 1992 and 1993, Vice Treasurer in 1994 and 1995, Vice Secretary in 1996, Councilor in 2000, 2002-2006, and 2010, President in 2007, Past president in 2008, and VP of Marketing in 2011-2014.  Her efforts in rounding up dinner meeting sponsors has done much to improve our bottom line.

BUT THERE’s MORE. Ann has also been a member of the finance committee for the past 13 years and on the scholarship selection committee for 11 years (2002 through 2004 and 2006-2014).  She was part of the team that made the Ores and Orogenesis symposium a success by organizing short courses. And she continues to be active - next year she will continue to serve as VP of Marketing and on the Scholarship and Finance Committees.

Jon Spencer

The final honoree was Jon Spencer, Senior Geologist with the Arizona Geological Survey.   Since 1992, Jon has served on the AGS Executive Committee  as President in 2001, Past President in 2002, Secretary from 1995 through 2000) and as Councilor from 1992 until1994 and 2003 until 2008.   He was member of Technical Program Committee for the 2007 Ores and Orogenesis symposium and a co-editor of Digest 22, which resulted from this successful event.   Over the years, Jon has participated as leader or co-leader of many AGS Field Trips and was one of the authors of the Arizona Geologic Highway map.   He also served on the Arizona Geological Society's Scholarship Committee from 1998 through 2005.

In addition to his participation with the Arizona Geological Society, Jon has worked throughout much of his professional career with the Arizona Geological Survey, where he has authored and/or co-authored more than 150 scientific publications that have greatly advanced our knowledge of the geology of Arizona.

Jon was unable to attend December's meeting due to work commitments that kept him in the field.  The Arizona Geological Society will formally make a presentation to him at our January 2015 meeting.

50-Year Members Recognized

According to our bylaws, members in good standing who have maintained continuous membership for a minimum of 50 years shall have the privileges of a full member of the society and are excused from further payment of dues.  At the December 2014 meeting, the Arizona Geological Society recognized two 50-year members: BOB METZ and CHARLIE MILLER.

Bob Metz

Bob Metz graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1955 and began his career working at Kennecott's Chino mine near Silver City, New Mexico.  He was later moved to Kennecott's Ray mine before joining the Duval Corporation in 1968, where he briefly worked at the Sierrita mine before moving to their exploration department. Following, his retirement from Duval's successor, Battle Mountain Gold in 1991, Bob has worked as a consultant for major mining corporations in the United States, Latin America and Australia.  He has also served as councilor, Vice Treasurer and Treasurer for the AGS during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Charlie Miller

Charlie Miller completed graduate studies at Stanford University in 1957 and began his professional career with Phelps Dodge in Douglas, Arizona.   By the mid-1960s, he was working for American Metal Climax, Inc.  Following his retirement from American Metal Climax's successor, Amax in 1985, Charlie formed Miller Resources, Inc.  Over the years he has remained active in the mining community and a strong advocate of the mining industry.   Charlie's service to the Arizona Geological Society included Vice President, Field Trips (1975), President (1976) and Past President (1977), as well as serving as a councilor (1988-1990 and 2009).  He also served on various committees for AGS symposiums spanning several decades and most recently served as a member of the AGS Finance committee (2008-2013). 

AGS Phone Message Service will be Discontinued

At the November 2014 AGS ExComm meeting the officers of the Society discussed whether to maintain our current AGS phone message service, which has been mainly been used by members reserving a dinner for the monthly meetings.  On average we only receive about ten calls per month.  With the cost of this service averaging approximately $45/month ($540/year), it was decided to discontinue this service on January 31, 2015. 

After that time, those wishing to make reservations or contact us may do so online.

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The Arizona Geological Society is grateful for Arizona Oil and Gas, Inc.'s sponsorship,  which helps us to offset dinner meeting costs.

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Special Thanks to our 
Student Dinner Sponsor for 2014

The membership of the Arizona Geological Society (AGS) and the students who participated in the 2014 AGS dinner program, thank Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. for its generosity in underwriting the cost of the meals for the students.

Student Members at the December 2014 Meeting

One-hundred and fifty-six students attended the AGS 2014 speaker series; our best student showing ever. Due to the largesse of FMI, each student’s meal was provided at no charge to the student. Participating students came from the University of Arizona’s Dept. of Mining and Geological Engineering, and from geoscience programs at Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona. With tax and gratuity each student meal cost $27.00, totaling $4,212 for the year. FMI underwriting provided 95% of the cost!

Student enrollment in the AGS exploded during 2014, increasing from 96 students in December 2013 to 163 students in December 2014. Three University of Arizona students, Lily Jackson, Isabel Fay Barton and Rachel Feuerbach also served on AGS’ Executive Committee.  Encouraging graduate and undergraduates to participate in professional societies now, ensures an active and vibrant professional community in the future.  We greatly appreciate FMI’s role in building a sustainable Arizona Geological Society.

Last, thank you again for partnering with AGS to make geosciences students a part of our society.

First AGS Monthly Meeting Held in Tempe a Success 

The AGS held its first regular monthly dinner meeting in Tempe on November 4, after holding its meetings in Tucson for more than sixty years. Dr. Isabel Fay Barton, of the University of Arizona faculty, gave an excellent overview of “The Historical Development and Current Status of Geological Research in the Central African Copperbelt” at the Sheraton Phoenix Airport Hotel.

Over the years, AGS members of the Phoenix-Tempe area have suggested that some dinner meetings be held there rather than in Tucson. As an experiment, it was decided to hold such a meeting to see how many Phoenix-Tempe area members would attend and how many Tucson members would make the two hour drive. The experiment was a resounding success, with more dinner reservations requested than the hotel dining room could hold. In addition to the large turnout, many of the attendees made enthusiastic comments about the venue and the quality of the talk.

A great deal of credit for the success of this meeting is due to the enthusiastic support and publicity of Professors Stephen Reynolds and Steven Semken of ASU.

This meeting's success may result in additional meetings being held in the Tempe-Phoenix area and eventually led to the establishment of a Maricopa chapter of the AGS, much in the way that the Geological Society of Nevada has chapters in Las Vegas, Reno, Winnemucca and Elko.

Feedback on this suggestion from all AGS member will be greatly welcomed. Please send your suggestions and comments to Michael Conway, AGS President <>, or Bob Kamilli, AGS Program Vice-President <>.

2014 Scholarship Winners

The Arizona Geological Society presented scholarships to students at the December 2014 dinner meeting.    

Bob Powell Congratuates J. D. Mizer

The 2014 Courtright Scholarship recipient was awarded to J. D. Mizer, who is working toward a Ph.D. degree in Economic Geology at the University of Arizona.

Bob Powell Congratuates Kathleen Compton

The 2014 Arizona Geological Society Scholarship was awarded to Kathleen Compton, who is working toward a Ph.D. in Geophysics at the University of Arizona. 

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