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Allison McGraw was awarded the Doug Shakel Memorial Award for Best Undergraduate Presentation at the University of Arizona Department of Geosciences' 2017 Geodaze event.  Allison's presentation was titled "Mineralogy Characterization of the Gefion Astroid Family."

This study is an observational campaign to verify a link between the Gefion asteroid family and L-chondrites meteorites.  Near-infrared spectra of asteroids (2386) Nikonov, (1839) Ragazza, (2373) Immo, (2521) Heidi and (3860) Plovdiv were obtained at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility.  The spectral data was reduced using the IDL-based software Spextool.   Spectral band parameters including Band center, and the Band Area Ratio were measured using a Python code.  Based on our results we found that some members of the Gefion family have composition similar to H-chondrites, primitive achondrites and basaltic achondrites.  No evidence was found for L-chondrites among the Gefion family members in our small sample study.  The three other asteroids with non-ordinary chondrite compositions might be interlopers in the Gefion family.

Allison McGraw is an undergraduate at the University of Arizona in Geosciences, Planetary Sciences, Astrobiology and GIS.  The NASA Arizona Space Grant Consortium supports this research, and her mentor is Dr. Vishnu Reddy of the Lunar and Planetary Lab at the University of Arizona.

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