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18 Jul 2024 6:00 PM • Borderlands - 119 East Toole Ave. Tucson, Arizona

Video of May 2024
Presentation Available
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May 2024 - Eytan Bos Orent (University of Arizona) - Characterization of Contrasting Ore-Related Fluid Systems in the Paradox Basin (49 minutes).

Big Sandy Field Trip April 27-28, 2024

Big Sandy Field Trip Participants examining an outcrop on Big Sandy Field Trip (photo by Brian Gootee)

The recent Big Sandy Field Trip was a great success.  AGS Executive Committee thanks Paul Jensen for organizing the trip and the staff of the Arizona Geological Survey - Brian Gootee, Carson Richardson, Lisa Thompson, Brad Johnson & Phil Pearthree -  for leading trip and providing and excellent field guide, which can be viewed at this link.

Video of April 2024 Presentation Available for Viewing

April 2024 - Brian Gootee and Carson Richardson (Arizona Geological Survey) Basin Evolution, Deformation, and Mineralization in Big Sandy Valley, Northwestern Arizona (78 minutes)

Video of March 2024 Presentation Available for Viewing

March 2024 - Jason Ricketts, Ph.D. (Asst. Professor, University of Texas, El Paso) The Origin and Tectonic Significance of the Basin and Range - Rio Grande Rift Boundary in Southern New Mexico (58 minutes)

Video of February 2024 Presentation Available for Viewing

February 2024John Douglas, Ph.D. (Faculty, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, Arizona)  New Discovery of Beach Sand, Beachrock, and Tuffa from the Uppermost Portion of the Bidahochi Formation and their Implications for the Development of the Grand Canyon

2023 Scholarship Recipients

Since 1996 the Arizona Geological Society (AGS) has presented scholarships to outstanding students at the state's three major universities, the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University. 

The 2023 scholarship program drew 9 excellent applicants from Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, and the University of Arizona. 

Benjamin Amundsen

Ben Amundsen was awarded the 2023 Courtright Scholarship.  Currently working on a MS degree at the School of Earth and Sustainabiilty of Northern Arizona University, Ben's current research interets revolve around the Platoro Caldera of the San Juan Volcanic Complex in southwestern Colorado.  His thesis primarily focuses on understanding the eruptive stratigraphy and petrogenesis of the parental Conejos phase of the volcanic sequence, and perhaps provide some insight into the mineralization associated with the regional volcanism.

It was particularly difficult to select the best applicant for the 2023 Allison Scholarship.  We decided to award this year's scholarship to two equally qualified candidates, Emilia Clayor and Bridgett Holman, who attend the University of Arizona.

Emilia Caylor

Emilia Caylor is presently a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona, where she is studying the impact of tectonics on upper crustal processes, paleo-depositional environments, basin subsidence, and exhumation in Cordilleran-type orogenic systems.

Upon graduating, her goal is to create a diverse research group of scientists and design curricula that lowers barriers to geoscience education in the field and classroom. 

Bridgett Holman

Bridgett Holman is currently in her second year purrsuring a B.S. in Geosciences with a Geology Emphasis at the University of Arizona.  Her current research involves the mechanisms of nitrogen cycling through the deep Earth, conducting high temperature and pressure experiments that simulate ultramafic-rich melanges in subduction zones.

Upon graduation she aspires to attend graduate school, continuing her study of petrology and subduction zones or pursuing other disciplines.

Video of January 2024 Presentation Available for Viewing

January 2024 - Dr. Jon Spencer (Adjunct Researcher, Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona) Cenozoic Tectonic Extension in the Sonoran Desert Region and Reconstruction of the Initial Distribution of Porphyry Copper Deposits (62 minutes)

Fall 2023 Field Trip Guidebook

The 2023 AGS Field Trip Guidebook to the South 32 Hermosa Zn-Mn-Ag Project is currently available.

Member News

Isabel Barton, an assistant professor in the University of Arizona Department of Mining and Geological Engineering and long time AGS member has been appointed the principal investigator for a $3.6 million grant approved by the Arizona Board of Regents.

This interdisciplinary project includes 13 faculty and staff from the University of Arizona, Arizona State University and Northern Arizona University, who will work with the Arizona State Mine Inspector and mining community to find new ways to reuse copper mine tailings.

July 2024 Newsletter

May 2024 Meeting Sponsor

June 2023 Meeting

Recent photos of AGS members at June 2023 social hour.

USGS/AZGS Airborne Geophysical Survey

During the fall and winter of 2023, the US Geological Survey and Arizona Geological Survey (AZGS) are collaborating on an airborne geophysical mineral study in southeastern Arizona – see map graphic. The study area encompasses ~ 10,800 square miles and includes parts of Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, Pinal and Santa Cruz counties and Grant and Hidalgo counties in New Mexico.

The chief objective is to enhance fundamental knowledge of the geology of Arizona’s copper porphyry belt, which includes several of the world’s largest copper and molybdenum resources. To complement the airborne survey, the AZGS will conduct ground-based geological and geophysical surveys. The aggregate data will be processed to develop high-resolution, 3-dimensional models of bedrock composition and structure to depths of more than 3,280 feet.

This research is supported by the Earth Mapping Resources Initiative (MRI).

2022 Spring Field Trip to Altar Valley

The 2022 Arizona Geological Society Spring Field trip, “Mountains, Mines and Structural Settings of the North and Central Altar Valley, Coyote Mountains to Sierrita Mountains, Pima County, Arizona” was held April 16. Forty-two people attended the day long field trip led by Jay Chapman, Assistant Professor, University of Wyoming and Dan Aiken.

Starting and ending at the historic King’s Anvil Ranch in the Altar Valley, poster sessions were held at four additional sites with outcrops to view and collect samples. Other speakers included Phil Pearthree, Gordon Haxel, Larry Dykers, Linda Sheehan, Laural Goodwin, John Stitzer, Stephen Richard, Floyd Gray and Bob Schmaltzel. All of those participating enjoyed the great field trip and look forward to attending another AGS field trip this fall.

We wish to thank our sponsor, Skyline Assayers and Laboratories and the King family for allowing us to use their ranch for parking and presentations.

Women in Arizona Mining History

Member News

Long-time Arizona Geological Society members, Jan Rasumssen and Stan Keith have recently published "Arizona Mineral Districts v. 2, La Paz and Yuma Counties.  This is a detailed reference work describing the geology, mineralogy, age dates, locations, and past production of the mineral districts within La Paz and Yuma counties, Arizona.  It is profusely illustrated with 1"62,500-scale topographic maps, mine maps, cross sections and photographs of old mines, scenery and minerals.  It also includes a detailed table of the geologic history of Arizona.

Copies of both hardback and paperback versions of this publication can be purchased from

AGS Digests Now Available On-line

Articles contained within the Arizona Geological Society Digests 1 through 22 are now available on-line at our publications page.  Our out-of-print Digests are available to the public, While our in-print Digests are only accessible to AGS members. 

Anyone who is interested in purchasing Printed Copies of In-Print AGS Digests can do so on-line or contact the AGS Secretary for more details.  Copies of current AGS Guidebooks and Digests are also for sale at a reduced price at AGS monthly dinner meetings.

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