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Out-of-Print AGS Digests and Guidebooks are provided by free download for the personal use and research of AGS members and the public. A fast internet connection is recommended as many of the PDF format documents have file sizes greater than 30 MB.

AGS gratefully acknowledges (1) AGS member and archivist Kevin Horstman who is compiling and preparing high-quality OCR scanned documents for the Publications Archive, (2) SRK Consulting for providing the facilities and equipment to complete the archiving work, (3) AGS members who generously provided copies of their Digests and Guidebooks to be scanned, and (4) the technical support of the Arizona Geological Survey in hosting the AGS Publications Archive.

NOTE:  Arizona Geological Society publications are the copyrighted intellectual property of the Arizona Geological Society.  Our publications made available here are solely for the noncommercial, scientific or educational use of Arizona Geological Society members, scientists, teachers, and interested members of the public.  None of these publications, in whole or in part, may be sold, used for any commercial purpose, or republished (including by posting to any personal or commercial website) without the expressed written permission of the Arizona Geological Society, Inc.

By linking to AGS archive library below, I agree to these restrictions on the use and distribution of AGS publications.


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