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J. Harold Courtright Scholarship

Harold Courtright had a life-long interest and career in mining and geology in the Cordillera of North and South America. His field mapping skills and exploration expertise led to the discovery of now well known porphyry copper deposits in Arizona and Peru. The scholarship fund, set up after his death in 1986, is designed to promote graduate research in the Cordillera and, while the Society may support exciting studies in any geologic discipline, we do place special emphasis on field geology, economic geology, and the study of ore deposits.

For more details about this scholarship visit our Student Outreach Page.

Dylan Carlini

2020 Courtright Scholarship Recipient

Dylan Carlini received a B. S. in Geology from the University of Oregon in December 2018.  He is currently working on an M. S. in Geosciences at the University of Arizona, where he is focusing his research on low-sulfidation epithermal veins of the Oatman mining district in Mohave County, Arizona.

This project involves geological mapping of surface vein exposures within the district using the Anaconda method and associated sampling for petrography and whole-rock geochemistry.  The Gold Road Vein and its alteration envelope will be examined in detail, studying mineralogical changes and trace element chemistry across the vein and with depth. 40Ar/39Ar age dating of the Gold Road vein and late dikes, such as at Boundary Cone will better constrain the timing of volcanism and mineralization. 

Structural reconstructions of the district using the position of the overlying Peach Spring Tuff will constrain the regional surface topography and possible hydrology at the time of ore formation, allowing inferences to be made about potential hydrologic flow paths of recharging paleo-fluids and the sources for the fluid components.


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