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December 2018 - David (Duff) Gold, Deep-Seated Volcanism and the Genesis of Diamonds

November 2018 - William Wilkinson, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:  Three Decades of Exploration

October 2018 - Ihor A. Kunasz, The Geology and Economics of Lithium

September 2018 - Jim Reed, Applying Geological Exploration Models towards the Location of Clandestine Gravesites

August 2018 - Feature Film - Rhodochrosite:  Red Treasure of the Rockies - the Story of the Sweet Home Mine - Narrated by Karl Mecklenberg

July 2018 - Alison Jones, Rafting through 2 Billion Years of Geologic Time

June 2018 - Gary Huckleberry, The Geoarcheology of Ancient Water Control in the Southwest:  Lessons from the Past

May 2018 - William B. White, The Science of Caves and Cave Contributions to Science

April 2018 - Volker Spieth and Stanley B. Keith, Finding Gold in the Kupferschiefer

March 2018Joe Wilkins, Jr., Retired Consulting Geologist, Piedras Verdes and Cuatro Hermanos, Sonora, Mexico - A Tale of Two Porphyries

February 2018 - Paul F. Hlava, Access to Gems and Minerals, Causes of Color in Minerals and Gemstones

January 2018 - Peter L. Ward, Retired, U. S. Geological Survey, Bringing Peace to the Climate Wars

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