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December 2008 - Jonathan T. Overpeck, Professor, University of Arizona, Global climate change and why it matters in the Southwest

November 2008 - Gordon Haxel, Retired Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, Comparative Global Production of the Chemical Elements, A Geochemical Perspective; and the Concept of Underutilized Elements

October 2008 - Mark Barton, Professor, University of Arizona, A Cordilleran prespective on iron-oxide(-copper-gold) deposits: Why has this nut been so tough to crack?

September 2008 - Alyson Thibodeau, Graduate Student, University of Arizona, From Chaco Canyon to Coronado:  Using geochemistry to trace the history of mining, minerals, and metals in the Amercian Southwest

August 2008 - Richard Heermance, Mendenhall Post-Doc Researcher, U. S. Geological Survey, Terrace Formation and Climate Change in Southern California

July 2008 - M. Stephen Enders, Senior Vice President, Exploration, Newmont Mining Corporation, Bridging the Gaps in Exploration and Mining - Opportunities for Research and Development across the Life Cycle of an Ore Deposit

June 2008 - Mark Myers, Director, U. S. Geological Survey, Facing Tomorrow's Challenges - in Minerals

May 2008 - Adam Schwarz, Geologist, Resolution Copper Company, Geology of the Resolution porphyry copper-moly system

April 2008 - Phil Davis,  U. S. Geological Survey, Remote sensing characterization of the mineral resources of Afghanstan

March 2008 - Dave Maher, Senior Geologist, Bronco Creek Exploration, Reconstruction of Middle Tertiary extension and Laramide porphyry copper systems, southeast Arizona

February 2008 - John Rickus, Resolution Copper Company, Sustainability in Mining

January 2008 - Eric Force, U. S. Geological Survey, Anasazi habitation at Chaco and McElmo canyons (NW NM AND SW CO):  the fluvial evolution context


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