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February 2024 - John Douglas, Ph.D. (Faculty, Paradise Valley Community College, Phoenix, Arizona) New Discovery of Beach Sand, Beachrock, and Tuffa from the Uppermost Portion of the Bidahochi Formation and their Implications for the Development of the Grand Canyon

January 2024 - Dr. Jon Spencer (Adjunct Researcher, Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona) Cenozoic Tectonic Extension in the Sonoran Desert Region and Reconstruction of the Initial Distribution of Porphyry Copper Deposits (62 minutes)

December 2023 - Dr. Shelby Rader (Department of Earth & Atmospheric Science at Indiana University) From Rocks to Stalks:  Controls on Biogeochemical Signatures and the Application of Trace Metals (44 minutes)

October 2023 - Dr. Amanda Hughes (Assistant Professor of Practice, Department of Geosciences at the University of Arizona) Structural Modeling for Reducing Uncertainty in Geologic Interpretations (58 minutes)

September 2023 - Virginia McLemore (New Mexico Bureau of Geology and Mineral Resources), REE Potential and Origin of the Cambrian-Ordovician Carbonatites and Episyenites in New Mexico, U.S.A. (54 minutes)

May 2023 -  Dr. Herv√© Rezeau (University of Arizona), Lithospheric controls on the formation of porphyry copper deposits: What could possibly go wrong? (1 hour & 5 minutes)

March 2023 - Ralph Stegen (Exploration Geologist, Freeport-McMoRan), Magmatism and Characteristics of Hypogene and Supergene Alteration-Mineralization of the Lone Star Porphyry Copper Deposit, Safford District, Arizona (43 minutes)

December 2022 - B. Gootee, L. Thompson, T. Wilson (all from Arizona Geological Society), Dec. 2022, Perspectives on a Carbon Storage Ecosystem Built from Distributed CO2 Sequestration Resources in AZ (1 hour & 10 minutes)

November 2022 - Thomas Ruberto (Arizona State University), Content Learning Outcomes from Geological Virtual Field Trips Can Exceed those from In-Person Field Trips (1 hour & 6 minutes)

October 2022 - Ramon Arrowsmith (Arizona State University), Machine learning, robotic mapping, and particle dynamics for earthquake geology (1 hour)

September 2022 - Tim Marsh (Exploration Geologist Bell Copper), Bell Copper’s Big Sandy Copper Porphyry Discovery (53 minutes)

June 2022 - Dr. Ray Grant (Pinal Geology & Mineral Museum), Mineralogy of Arizona, 4th Edtn. (52 minutes)

May 2022 - K. Constenius and A. Payton (Helium Exploration), Helium Exploration and Exploitation, Holbrook Basin, Arizona (1 hour & 13 minutes)

February 2022 - Presentations by student awardees of AGS Courtright and Allison Scholarships (1 hour & 2 minutes)

Lauren J. Reeher, Understanding Crustal Stress Conditions throughout Geologic Time:  Examples from Laramide on the Colorado Plateau (M. Lee Allison Awardee, 2021)

Eytan B. Orent, Characterization of U(-V) Deposits in the La Sal District, Ut and Co and their Relationship to Paradox Basin Fluid Flow (Courtright Awardee, 2021)

November 2021 - Chris Osterman, The 417 Project: A Native Silver Deposit in Globe, Arizona (49 minutes)

January 2021 - J. Rasmussen & S.B. Keith, Mineral District and Evolution in Arizona – Exploration Potential (47 minutes)

May 2020 - Philip Perrson, The Detroit City Portal: New Chapter in the Story of Sweet Home Mine, Colorado, Rhodochrosite Mining (55 minutes)

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