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December 2010 - Susan Cummins Miller, Research Affiliate, Southwest Institute for Research on Women, University of Arizona,  Tuff Love and Tigers-Eye:  Earth Science and Place in the Frankie MacFarlane Mysteries

November 2010 - Peter K. M. Megaw, President, IMDEX/Cascabel, Discovery of the Silver-Rich Juanicipio-Valdecanas Vein Zone, Westren Fresnillo District, Zacatecas, Mexico

October 2010 - Geoff Plumlee, Senior Research Geochemist, U. S. Geological Survey, Earth Sciences in Environmental Disaster Response and Planning

September 2010 - Marcia McNutt, Director, U. S. Geological Survey, USGS Science in the Gulf - The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill

August 2010 - Ray Grant, Retired from Mesa Community College, Geology and Mineralogy of the Grandview Copper mine, Grand Canyon, Arizona

July 2010 - Jonathan Matti, Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, Late Cenozoic detachment faulting in the Santa Rosa Mountains region, southern California:  implications for evolution of the southern San Andreas Fault system

June 2010 - Alex Iriondo, Full Researcher/Professor, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, New Ideas on the Distribution of Paleoproterozoic Provinces in Northwestern Mexico:  Possible Basement Influence on Subsequent Geological Events in Southwestern North America

May 2010 - Lee Allison, Director, Arizona Geological Survey, Everything Digital, Online, and Integrated

April 2010 - Rachelle R. Wagner, Northern Arizona University Courtright Scholar, Miocene Fault and Basin Analysis along the Boulevard and Dry Wash Faults, Nothern Frenchman Mountain, Lake Mead Domain, Nevada

March 2010 - Wayne Ranney, Coconino Community College, Ancient Landscapes of the Colorado Plateau

February 2010 - Leslye Obiora, Law Professor, University of Arizona, The Challenges of Mining and Mineral Exploration in Africa

January 2010 - Michael L. Zientek, U. S. Geological Survey, Magmatic PGE Deposits Associated with Mafic and Ultramafic Rocks


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