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 Chilito Porphyry Copper Deposit, Gila Co., Arizona
April 2017

Wolf Schuh and Don Applebee, Field Trip Leaders

Wolf Schuh (left) and Don Applebee (right) Field Trip Leaders (Photo by Dave Wahl)

Participants examine Mineralized Troy Quartzite in Velasco Pit
(Photo by Dave Wahl)

Field Trip Participant climb up slope to examine outcrop
at the Velasco pit (Photo by Dave Wahl)

Field trip participants gather at Stop 1 to see the Keystone Fault, where weakly altered diabase in the footwall is juxtaposed with Naco Limestone in the hanging wall.
 (Photo by Marisa Lerew)

Ann Pattison with group of Field Trip Participants (Photo by Marisa Lerew)

Don Applebee describes the regional stratigraphy and structure from

a scenic overlook at Stop 2. (Photo by Marisa Lerew)

Looking Southeast at gently tilted Stratigraphic Section (Dripping Spring Quartzite through Naco Limestone) at Chilito (Photo by Marisa Lerew)

Core Sample with Chalcopyrity Veins cutting Dripping Springs Quartzite

(Photo by Ortrud Schuh)

Lunch Time (Photo provided by Ortrud Schuh)

Unofficial guest Drago catches some rays (Photo by Ortrud Schuh)

Sergei Diakov and Stan Keith display Stan's first geologic map of the Seven-nine Mine Area, which includes the western portion of the Chilito deposit.  Stan prepared the water color map on parchment during 1970, while he was an undergraduate at the University of Arizona, working on an independent study for John Guilbert.  (Photo by Stan Keith)

Don Applebee Talks about London-Arizona mine at Chilito at Stop 2

(Photo provided by Ortrud Schuh)

Participants spread out in the Velasco Pit  to examine oxide copper mineralization

in Troy Quartzite, which was historically mined for silica flux (Photo by Dave Wahl)

Stan Evans at the Velasco Pit (Photo by Marisa Lerew)

Traffic Jam at Chilito (Photo by Dave Wahl)

Field Trip Participant examine diopside skarn with copper mineralization hosted by

Mescal Limestone at Stop 5 (Photo by Marisa Lerew)

Field Trip Participants examine multiple generations of quartz-sericite-pyrite veining

in the quatz diorite stock at Stop 6

(Photo by Dave Wahl)

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