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December 2009 - Lawrence Krauss, Arizona State University, Our Miserable Future

November 2009 - Kenneth J. Hollett, Retired, U. S. Geological Survey, Water: An Emerging Challenge for U.S. Foreign Security

October 2009 - Fleeetwood R. Koutz, Consulting Economic Geologist, Geology and Mineralization of the Hardshell Silver, Base-Metal, Manganese Oxide Deposits, Harshaw Mining District, Patagonia Mountains, Santa Cruz Co., Arizona

September 2009 - Tom Zoellner, Author of Uranium and The Heartless Stone, Uranium Since the Middle Ages and the Atomic Legacy of the West

August 2009 - Mark Cocker, Research Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, Impacts and their record in the Southeastern Coastal Plain of the United States

July 2009 - Jon Spencer, Senior Geologist, Arizona Geological Survey, Restoration of tectonic extension in the greater Tucson area and implications for original distribution of porphyry copper deposits

June 2009 - Keith Long, Geologist, U. S. Geological Survey, Petro-realities:  How Did Oil Prices Get So High?

May 2009 - Michael McKibbon, Associate Professor, University of California at Riverside, Hydrothermal metals and minerals in the Salton Trough

April 2009 - William Chavez, New Mexico Tech, Geochemical controls on the intensity and maturity of development of supergene enrichment profiles

March 2009 - Mark G. Stevens, Vice President, Exploration, Augusta Resource Corporation, Geology and Development of the Rosemont  Copper Deposit

February 2009 - Vince Matthews, Director, Colorado Geological Survey, China and India's Ravenous Appetite for Natural Resoruces

January 2009 - Richard Reynolds, U. S. Geological Survey, Dust in Western North America


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